Committed dads

3 December 2021

In Haiti, we rolled out a series of “Father’s Clubs”, groups of dads who get together and embody positive masculinities to influence the other men to participate in the education of children, share family tasks and responsibilities, support their partners during pregnancy, etc. These clubs are also an opportunity to raise awareness of gender-based violence so that men can participate in the transformation of the social norms that justify it.

Good news! In the health centers where the PRISMA2 project operates, our partners have noticed that the young men in the Father’s clubs are more present and involved during their partners’ pregnancies. In addition, their influence is already being felt in their community. We are witnessing a reversal of power relationships on many levels, not only between men and women but also between young men who inspire their elders.

Building a community network also means finding strategies to involve all actors in the community.

At Santé Monde, we believe deeply in the power of networks to make a difference in the prevention and treatment of gender-based violence. We play a convening role where competent resources are recognized and connected to learn from each other, to equip and support each other, and to go further. The initiatives we support come from local communities (women’s rights organizations, health centers, etc.), based on best practices and with a view to continuous improvement.

For the 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence, we have collected 3 stories from our codevelopment projects, like this one in Haiti.

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