42M $ to promote romoting women’s rights and access to quality sexual and reproductive health care in Benin, Burkina Faso and Mali

8 March 2021

International Women’s Day – Quebec MP and Minister Jean-Yves Duclos announces more than $ 42M in funding to three international cooperation organizations in Quebec City

March 8, 2021, Quebec City – To mark International Women’s Day, Jean-Yves Duclos, Member of Parliament for Quebec City and President of the Treasury Board, announces funding for a major international cooperation project promoting women’s rights and access to quality sexual and reproductive health care.

“The pandemic has changed many things, but it has not changed the important role we have to play internationally. Our country has a long and rich history of cooperation. That is why we are pleased to announce significant support for three Quebec City-based organizations that are spreading our expertise around the world.” – Jean-Yves Duclos, Member of Parliament for Quebec and President of the Treasury Board

The Government of Canada will provide $42,300,000 in funding over seven years for the project Strengthening Sexual and Reproductive Health in Benin, Burkina Faso and Mali (PLURIELLES), which will be jointly implemented by Santé Monde, SOCODEVI and Avocats sans frontières Canada (ASFC), three Quebec City-based organizations. In addition to this funding, the One Drop Foundation will contribute $4,230,000 and provide technical assistance to improve water, sanitation and hygiene practices in healthcare settings through the foundation’s unique Social Art for Behaviour ChangeTM approach.

This will be the first time that Santé Monde, ASFC and SOCODEVI consortium will work together on the same project, a first collaboration also with One Drop. The combination of each partner’s expertise in health, economic empowerment, law and behavioural change will have a greater impact on the living conditions and well-being of participants.

“Santé Monde’s codevelopment interventions have been contributing to sustainable health improvement for and with communities since 1987. However, better respect for human rights combined with real economic access will make a real difference in overcoming barriers and promoting better living conditions. We know that multisectoral approaches are necessary to sustainably improve the health of populations, and we are proud to carry the torch with our partners Avocats sans frontières Canada and SOCODEVI.” – Robert Beaudry, General Manager, Santé Monde

The project is expected to benefit approximately two million women and adolescent girls in vulnerable situations.

In 2019-2020, close to 3,400,000 people will have access to sexual and reproductive health services thanks to the support of Canada and its feminist international aid policy. Canada is committed to taking concrete action to advance the United Nations’ 17 sustainable development goals, which aim to achieve a more prosperous and egalitarian world for all.