On World Hand Hygiene Day, let’s take a moment to remember how this small action is crucial to our health, and the health of others.

Did you know that diarrhea and pneumonia are the leading causes of death for children under five? Handwashing with soap is one of the most effective and inexpensive ways to prevent these diseases. This simple behavior can save lives, reducing diarrhea by nearly half and acute respiratory infections by nearly a quarter.

Unfortunately, 3 in 10 people worldwide do not have handwashing facilities in their homes, and nearly 1 in 4 health facilities lack basic water services, according to this 2019 report released by WHO.

Santé Monde works with healthcare providers in several countries to improve water, sanitation and hygiene infrastructures and raise awareness of the importance of handwashing, including training healthcare workers. Through integrated approaches, the entire community comes together and benefits from these interventions.

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