New Name and Visual Identity: CCISD becomes Santé Monde

20 September 2021

MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 20, QUEBEC CITY – On the eve of its 35th anniversary, the Centre for International Cooperation in Health and Development (CCISD) is adopting a new name, Santé Monde, along with a new visual identity. The Organization, which contributes to the sustainable improvement of the health of communities in vulnerable situations throughout the world, believes this change will help to better convey what it does and to rally more people to its mission.

Santé Monde wishes to build more bridges with the communities it supports through in its co-development initiatives as well as with the general public in order to build greater solidarity.

“Through this rebranding exercise, we want to provide ourselves with the tools to better communicate who we are and to rally more people to our cause: better health for all. As we have seen with the pandemic, global health affects everyone. Not only because the health of some affects the health of others, but also because in order to build a healthy world, everyone must do their part. This is my appeal to the people of Quebec, to show the solidarity that characterizes us so well,” explains Matthieu Asselin, Executive Director of Santé Monde.

The new identity is signed by Agence Salto, of Quebec City. The logo is about solidarity, complementarity and diversity with its coloured ribbons interlocked like the links of a chain. The signature “International Co-development” was chosen to emphasize the Organization’s approach: humane, respectful and empowerment-oriented support for communities.

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For more information, please contact:

Sandrine Muir-Bouchard, Communications Officer