Annual meetings 2021

16 September 2021

On June 15th, 16th and 17th, come and meet our teams based in Quebec, Haiti, Benin, DR Congo, Mali, Nigeria and Senegal. We look forward to presenting our best work of the year and the future of CCISD (psst: we are changing our name and logo soon!).

In order to participate, please register for each of the sessions you are interested in before Monday 14th of June. Please note all sessions will be in French.

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Tuesday 15 June – 10:30: COVID-19: What lessons for international solidarity?

The COVID-19 pandemic will last beyond 2023, according to WHO projections. But can we imagine a post-Covid world? What will it look like in terms of global health? Will we really have integrated that “we will only be truly safe when we are all safe”?  With François Audet and Sophie Langlois.

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Wednesday 16 June – 8:30am: The Year in Review

Join us for a morning with our teams in Quebec City, Bamako, Kinshasa, Dakar, Cotonou, Abuja and Port-au-Prince, as well as our long-time partners and friends from around the world, to highlight the best of 2020-2021 and unveil several new features, including our new image!

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Thursday 17 June – 11:00: Closing Ceremony

As we close the 2021 Annual Meeting, join us to celebrate the professional careers of Robert Beaudry (Executive Director from 2007 – 2021, with CCISD since 1994), Lina Fournier (Director of Institutional Affairs, with CCISD from 1991 – 2021) and Louise Patoine (Director of Finance, with CCISD from 1992 – 2020). These exceptional people will certainly have left their mark on CCISD, and we wish to thank them, in our own way. Have your tissues ready!

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Thursday, June 17 – 1:00 p.m.: A touch of humour with Boucar Diouf (CCISD project teams, Board of Directors and partners only)

To thank our closest accomplices, Boucar Diouf will be with us to make us laugh and think with finesse. Originally from Senegal, Boucar is a biologist, oceanographer, humorist, storyteller, columnist and television host. He arrived in Rimouski, Quebec in 1991 to pursue higher education and taught biology for a time at the Université du Québec à Rimouski. He currently has a career as a comedian, columnist and radio host.

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